MiSS Inspector

The professional magneto-inductive rope-inspection equipment for testing laboratories

Our high-precision measuring system for magneto-inductive rope inspection is a world leader in technology and equipment. Our state-of-the-art measuring system as well as many years of experience make us the ideal partner for testing laboratories and users who would like to carry out a rope inspection.

Our measuring equipment provides you with a clear market and quality edge:

  • a range of rope diameters from 6 to 66 mm is covered by just two measuring sensors
  • wear-resistant roller guide of the sensor with comfortable handling
  • measuring system according to EN 12927-8
  • digitization of measured data right at the sensor for optimal short analogue signal paths
  • cable-free rope testing and data transfer via WLAN or cable [network]
  • measuring speeds between 0,15 and 5m/sec without configuration with forward and backward movements taken into account
  • up to 6 measuring channels for separate measuring-coil recordings allow easier localization of rope defects (error rather above or below)
  • measurement software for displaying, processing and evaluation of measuring results on the PC parallel to the recording
  • reference length evaluation and test report are automatically produced
  • Database solution for efficient storage and organization of measuring data

For detailed information of the MiSS Inspector measuring system, see our Productfolder

Product video: MiSS Inspector carrying rope test using a hydraulic opener

Product video: MiSS Inspector haulage rope test

sensor PM75X for rope diameters from
29-66mm and measuring kit

sensor PM75X with hydraulic opener for comfortable testing of carrying ropes