MiSS Remote Inspector

The autonomous measuring system for remote rope testing

Magneto-inductive rope testing of the highest quality at all times from a distance. This ought to be soon possible with the product now still under development.

There are interesting applications of the Remote Inspector in many areas:

  • as an onsite system at classical cableway installations, e.g. it can be mounted as early as the installation is being set up
  • at accredited testing facilities for regular external testing orders with high travel expenses
  • operating companies of urban cableway installations with a limited cable know-how on site

The MiSS Inspector is a permanently installed magneto-inductive rope-testing device right at the installation. The whole testing process is done without contact. Since speed measurements of the running rope are in future also carried out by means of a contactless transmitter, which transforms the typical characterisic of a rope into a directly proportional electrical signal, there is no longer any contact with the rope. Therefore direct contact and possible adverse effects of the measuring device on the rope never occur and consequently there is no wear and tear.

The measurement data obtained are transferred to a server via the internet and can be accessed at any time by those authorised. The measuring device runs continually while the installation is. The time when the measuring data are to be stored and transferred can be configured.

As the sensor always runs during the operation of the ropeway, these features in the field of rope-monitoring are conceivable:

  • evaluation of reference length in real time
  • counting of rope circuits

Image description: concept of operation of the MiSS Remote Inspector

For the first time a rope testing with data transfer to the measurement computer via a VPN tunnel (across the internet) was successfully carried out in Kaprun in the autumn of 2015. This testing was meant as preparation for the planned demonstration plant/operation in Alpendorf. It made sure that our measurement electronics is ready for data transfer via the internet

A demonstration plant is currently in preparation in St. Johann Alpendorf . This is where the first permanently installed facility of this kind is to begin its first trial operation. Special functions for the final product can still be developed here. We are very pleased about our committed partners, who are totally convinced of our product idear.

Operation manager Alex Widauer and Helmut Leitner from Glacier Lifts Kaprun, who witnessed the first successfully carried out MiSS Inspector rope testing.

They all are great believers in a cablecar future with permanently installed rope measuring devices (left to right): Siegfried Gruber (operation manager Alpendorf BB), Gerhard Hinterndorfer (general manager Pedrics), Wolfgang Hettegger (CEO Alpendorf BB), Gerhard Kaswurm (operation manager Alpendorf BB)