In the past 20 years our team has gained comprehensive experience in the fields of developing and constructing magneto-inductive sensor systems and the corresponding electronic measuring devices. Aided by our intuitive software solutions with a wide range of functions, our products lead the way in both - sophisticated technology and user convenience.

That makes us a reliable partner even for your most ambitious requirements in the field of wire rope testing.

We are ready to commit ourselves to our customers' specific needs. We are dedicated to a constant development of enhanced products and customized software solutions for our customers.

Mr. Gerhard Hinterndorfer is the owner and CEO of Pedrics e.U. He is a graduate in electrical engineering and electronics. Throughout his academic and professional carreer Mr. Hinterndorfer gained comprehensive experience in the field of software development. His innovations of the conventional approach includes the development of computer-based data recording and data processing devices. In the course of time Mr. Hinterndorfer and his team have created a whole new generation of measurement devices.

Quote Mr. Gerhard Hinterndorfer: "My father Wolfgang Hinterndorfer has been working in the field of magneto-inductive rope testing for more than thirty years. As a result I myself grew up with an intensive affinity to the related technologies. This affinity and my access to a large network of knowledge and experience are probably the most important foundations of our success."