MiSS Inspector

The measurement system to support the visual rope inspection of cable railways

The MiSS Inspector measurement system enables you to conduct your visual rope inspection as efficiently as possible and on the highest level of quality. The system uses the magneto-inductive method and works unaffected by filth, bad lighting conditions or other difficult circumstances. Thereby the system will detect each and every damaged spot on or inside the rope.

By using the MiSS Inspector measurement system on your cable railway you will achieve a wide range of advantages:

  • significant saving of time provided by an inspection speed of 5 meters per second (according to our customers' experience this means reducing the time needed for inspection to approximately three quarter of conventional inspection procedures!)
  • automatic compilation of an inspection protocol (suitable f.e. for the Austrian Seilmeldebogen according to DSB80 and EN12927 7)
  • extraordinary improvement of quality compared to the solely visual rope inspection
  • improved security for your capital spending plan for rope renewals, since the automatically protocolled rope history of the MiSS Inspector enables you to make accurate forecasts for the time limit for removal.

Used on detachable cable railways the MiSS Inspector allows an extremely comfortable inspection process due to its low weight. The system may also be used on bearer cables and hauling cables as well as on counter cables (in these cases multiple mounting of the system will be required).

Find out more detailed information about the MiSS Inspector in our product folder

Product video: MiSS Inspector haulage rope test


Austrian Ministry approves our rope tester for visual rope inspection!

Since October 2013 our magnetic rope testing system "MiSS Inspector" may be used for control purposes on Austrian ropeways instead of monthly visual rope inspection. Our MiSS rope testing device has been successfully used for that purpose by various Austrian ropeway operators for the last two years.

Here are the main advantages of our system compared to traditional visual rope inspection:

  • Huge saving in time (at least 23 man hours per season for a rope of 3,5 km length).
  • Enormous increase of inspection quality through cross section control (most wire breaks are on the inside of the rope and could not be detected by simple visual inspection).
  • Our testing system is completely independent of weather, rope surface or light. Snow, ice, darkness or dirty ropes will no longer be a problem.

We will be glad to visit your ropeway site for a presentation of our testing device. If you wish so we will execute a compulsory monthly inspection on this occasion.