MiSS Monitor

The measurement system für quality control in the field of wire and wire rope production

In the course of wire rope production errors such us wire breaks, pressure marks or structural defects may occur due to e.g. misadjustment of production machines. The same applies to wire drawing. The MiSS Monitor measurement system detects any production errors and enables you to make targeted interventions or corrections in production procedures.

Additionally the quality of the product can be documented doing an inspection. Problems during transport can be verified in this way.

By using the MiSS Monitor measurement system on your production site you will achieve a wide range of advantages:

  • 100% error free production
  • essential cost benefit due to reduction of deficient products
  • measurement data can be collected via network for qualitiy assurance

If an error is detected according to individually adjustable thresholds the system will activate an alarm switch. The alarm switch can either be used to stop the production process or to set a coloured marker on the product. Using individual product components such as wireless measurement with battery supply, self-contained sensors, separable sensors etc. the measurement system can be adjusted to all kinds of production sites such as stranders, recoiling machines, cage type stranders, in test laboratories et cetera.

Via Ethernet (modbus) it is possible to collect any parts of the available data from the measurement electronics for documentation.

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